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WORKSHOP : #OurFutureInGenes

The SA BioDesign Initiative (SABDI) is a DST fund, managed by TIA, which encourages cross-functional development of genomics, synthetic, structural and systems biology, which will seed future bio-based smart systems. These smart systems will enable the birth of improved solutions to local issues. Development of high end skills in these areas amongst young graduates are of interest to SABDI. The future in genes is quite exciting and more young people should invest their careers in these fields.

So, on Thursday, 5 April 2018, at SASM 2018, wear your denims/jeans and join us in this TIA-sponsored, ‘youth-centric’ dialogue on ‘Our Future in Genes’. Talks will focus on the SABDI thematic areas and include helpful career advice, funding and entrepreneurship opportunities. Our line-up of speakers includes young women who are using science to make a difference. They include:

  • Dr Dawn Stephens (Technology Innovation Agency - TIA) - Introduction to SABDI
  • Ms Roshilla Ramdin (WhiteHead Scientific) - Future trends in Genomics
  • Dr Janine Scholefield (CSIR) - Synthetic Biology
  • Ms Rizwana Mia (Medical Research Council)- Precision Medicine
  • Dr Siva Danaviah (Africa Health Research Institute-AHRI) - Population Genetics
  • Ms Sarusha Pillay (Technology Innovation Agency - TIA) - Turning your research into a Job
  • Ms Ntombikhayise Mahaye (University of Pretoria, PhD candidate) - How an internship added value to my career (1)
  • Ms Diantha Pillay (Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute - WRHI) - How an internship added value to my career (2)